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    pump bearing grease

    I am in the process of updating 2002 gpr pump to 05, what is the best grease for bearings? Fernando suggested a combo of amsoil series 2000 gear lube and series 2000 racing grease, I didn't write this down and may have this mix incorrect.
    Would marine gear lube or yamaha spec bearing grease be good choices?
    Any input appreciated!
    Doug Hoad

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Go over to the Riva forum and do a search on it. There are plenty of discussions on this subject. Try the link below:

    I used Mobile 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant 75W-140 on mine.

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    Factory Grease for the pump bearing tube is "EPNOC Grease AP #0"... for those wanting to use the Yammy spec'd stuff. (05-06,155mm pump)

    Quite a few have their own "preferred stuff" ....Are any of the "speedsters" using EPNOC ???

    EPNOC is not available in Australia so I used a mix of 80% Grease (containing 3% Molybdenum Disuphide) and 20% Synthetic 75w-90 Gearlube.

    If using a "Moly" grease keep the moly percentage in the grease to below 10%, as it can build on the bearing balls and reduce bearing clearance markedly at levels above 10%. This can lead to failure from excess heat being generated from reduced clearance.

    If anyone is after grease amounts .... Yamaha specifies 20g of grease in the bearing "spacer" (between spacer and shaft) and 20g in the "nose cone". 20g = .7oz. These amounts dont fill the tube to full so Yamaha must want an "air space as well".

    I packed the bearings slightly as well ... couple of teaspoons ...

    The bearing tube should hold an oil well ?? It has a single lip and a dual lip seal at one end, the O ring at the other. For a stock craft the grease would be the preferred option for ease of installation IMHO.



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