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    800cc Engine Filling Up With Oil Need A Fix

    Guys decided to get my jet boat ready for summer started one engine fine the other one was locking like it was seized had me worried as it was recently rebuilt.

    Pulled the plugs out to see if it cranks over which it did looked back i see oil flying out of cylinder 1 checked the oil container and had lost about 1 litre from where i remember.

    The Jet boat hadden been used for 4 months and cylinder 1 had filled with oil how do you fix this is it coming through the carbie some how is there valve thats faulty has anyone seen this before.


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    The cases could also be leaking in the RV surface contact area. You need to remove the RV cover to verify what is actually leaking. It is more likely that it's the cases (the original Permatex 518 used to seal them has failed), than the RV shaft seal.

    You can perssurize the cavity to quickly confirm what's leaking. Remaove the two 3/8" oil lines that feed from the oil tank to either side of the engine. Buy a PVC tee and fittings to connect and air (tire) fitting with a gauge. Pressuruze to 6 lbs. The oil will start seeping between the case halves or from around the seal.

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    I had one do something like that and it was the inner crank seals.
    That area can be pressurized through the oil lines feeding the center cavity and will also show you if the RV seal is leaking. If you loose pressure and don't see it from behind the RV cover then the center seals are bad.

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    I've had both the case contact area 518 fail and every now and then on a high hr rental the crankshaft seals.Permatex and loctite seperated a few yrs back,for about a yr. we got faulty 518 from permatex (its made in china) the loctite had no problems,If you have less than a couple hundred hrs (most this age have 80 to 120hrs.pull engine you can reseal cases without pulling crankshaft ,You will have to pull carbs,and few other ,also dont forget to put oil in the balance shaft bearing ,clean cases halves very well with alchol to remove oil,and if you want it sealed really good use yamabond (grey gook).I had a 95 gtx leaking a couple teaspoons a night,it would run and smoke like heck if you shut it down ,it was pull spark plug and watch oil fly to moon.PS. if you get all oil out and run it a few times if its a seal many times it will be ok.Pressure check crankcase its possible that one seal just leaked over the months of sitting,I had a 1994 gtx with 650 motor do same thing ,it had been sitting 2 yrs,both cyl. full of oil.We got it cleaned out and started in april ,they have been using it weekly since then without problems.>Marvin

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    crank seals replace the crank

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    most likely needs crank but it doesn't hurt to check oil pump first. I've seen oil injection pumps out of adjustment so far they would none stop drip. In time the motor was fillin up. Good luck.

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