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    Turn Key Race Boat

    This is the real deal! Professionaly built by Steve Gold at Action Power Sports with the help from Rius Racing and Mell Miller. Click on Yamaha GPR race prep. Has three motos on fresh rebuild. Rock solid reliable.

    Engine: Fresh rebuild
    • Crankworks trued, welded and balanced crankshaft.
    • Cylinders fitted with LA sleeves, phase 5, Mell Miller porting.
    • 80.5mm Kawaski flat top pistons, Swain Tech coatings.
    • Miller head
    • MSD total-loss ignition.
    • Ruis intake package consists of, intake manifold, reed cages and 2 1/4 boost bottle.
    • 48mm generation 3 Novi carbs.
    • Triple remote fuel pumps/triple fuel pickups.
    • Fuel cell foam.
    • Air vapor separator.
    • Gas power valves.
    • Factory triple pipes coated with Jet-Hot coating. (Sterling Silver)
    • Factory pipes high flow kit, consists of stinger inserts, high flow water box, cross over tubes and large diameter through hull exhaust outlet.
    • Jet Works flow control valves.
    • Titanium hardware kit.
    • Ect...
    Pump: Fresh rebuild
    • 158mm Skat-Trak 12 vein set back magnum pump.
    • Medium pump cone.
    • Swirl impeller.
    • Billet nose cone.
    • New wear ring included with rebuild.
    • Bullet racing handeling package consists of scoop grate, pump shoe, carbon fiber ride plate with intergrated trim tab, fixed trim tabs, manual trim tab system.
    • Auto drop nozzle.
    • R&D sponsons.
    • UMI stearing system.
    • Leo's hole shot.
    Hull & Top Deck:
    • Factory lightweight hull.
    • Carbon fiber front hood.
    • Carbon fiber wind screen.
    • Carbon fiber seat.
    • Carbon fiber water baffle.
    • Tappered bars.
    • ODI lock on grips.
    • Hydroturf mats.
    • Hydroturf side wedges.
    • Jet trim bitchn stitchen.
    • UMI throttle lever.
    • UMI trim lever.
    • Duck bill drains.
    • Odyssey dry cell battery.
    • Aluminum battery tray.
    • Rebuilt OEM starter.
    • Billet gas cap, Ect...
    Steve invested $30,000 in this ski. I payed $15,000
    It's yours for $8,000 I also have a 2008 Superjet for sale, all stock $5,900 I will post detailed photos tomorrow.
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    This is an Awesome ski!

    I wish I could just pick and choice exactly what I wanted from this setup!!

    There are so many great parts, and whoever buys this is getting a SICK deal!

    I have seen this ski like a year ago on Hydrotoys tech page, and later found it was in Kansas near me..

    This is truly a sweet ski!!

    Good luck selling, free bump!

    fyi: that is the best picture the ski in a blow up pool in the garage its hilarious! love it!

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    Very nice Ski! I never noticed that link on Steve's page

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    How fast is this ski? looks real nice.

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    very sweat sounding package, i wish i lived in america sometimes and this is one of those times.

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    Peteshauling, the emphasis of this ski is geared towards acceleration, handling and hook up not so much top end. though with the right mods (different pump, impeller, intake grate, trim tabs) it certainly has the horsepower for it. 0-60 in 3 sec. Top speed around 75mph. With awesome handling and hook up! A compariable ski would be Billy Derman's white GPR. This ski is as good if not better. Here are a few more pics. Phone # 785-820-0944
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    Kenosha, WI

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    Thumbs up Race Boat

    That is one of the best ski's I have seen..It would be a perfect set up for me but to much coin at this time....Good Luck, It should sell for that crazy price...

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    Steve Gold's work is top notch. Here is his webpage. He's been around the GPR game a long time

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    Awesome ski! i want to get a gpr but this over budget for me
    Sounds like a hell of a deal. How much maintenance would this ski require, i would imagine more than the often ski.

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