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    New and need HELP PLS!

    Hey guys I'm new to posting but I read up on the threads all the time.

    I have a 02 XLT 1200 that I just got 2 months ago. I don't know much about skis but Ive tried to fix it with the information Ive gotten from these forums.

    When I got the ski I noticed after its been sitting a week or so it was really hard to get it started but once I got it started I wouldn't have a problem the rest of the day. Thought that was normal but now its damn near impossible to get started.

    Theres a click coming from the electrical box, Ive fully charged the battery, jumped the starter from battery bypassing the relay. The starter turned everytime. Heres my problem though I'm not exactly sure how to open the electrical box. I see 4 big bolts that hook directly into the body. I'm affraid to take them out when its not needed.

    Ive tried looking up diagrams on how to change the relay, I'm pretty sure I can go in there and start ripping crap out just affraid to mess anything up. *my first ski*

    Anyone got a site or advice onto getting that bad boy open? Or anyone in the tampa bay area mind giving me a hand for some extra cash?

    I know I'm a noob! Thanks for your time!


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    To clarify, when you have trouble starting, your can hear the solenoid click, but the engine does not crank over at all?

    Or does it crank, but too slowly?

    You can find Yamaha Service Manuals here.

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    Okay it used to turn over but it would take a while for it to fire up... now it doesnt turn over but I hear a click noise when I push the start button, sounds like from the electrical box. And when I hear the click it doesnt turn over... not sure if that helped.

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    It may be the solenoid or starter that needs replacing, but do this battery test first.

    Connect a multi-meter directly to the battery posts, and measure the DC battery volts, before pressing the start button, and again while pressing the start button.

    DC voltage before pressing should be around 12.5 volts.

    Voltage while pressing the start button should be well over 10 volts, and preferably closer to 11 volts (or higher).

    If either voltage is low, then the battery needs charging, or better yet, replacing with a new AGM type factory sealed battery, such as the East-Penn Deka.

    If the battery voltages per above measure good, then check, or even better, remove, clean, and reconnect each end of each heavy battery cable. Corrosion is bad for electrical connections.

    I am not a Yamaha expert, but the Service manual you downloaded should cover how to check and replace the solenoid or starter.

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