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    ##Ski wount start HELP ME PLZZ##

    ahh hey guys i was out last night for about Min's and my jet ski and turned off on me and wouldn't even turn on at all. i was stuck out in the beach for like 1 hour till i called the police and they towed me back in. what kind of procedures should i take to finding what the hell is wrong with this piece of shit. its a seadoo rxp 05 model. when i put the key on the screen doesn't come on the pins just move back wards slowly and just stay stuck on like half if its stoned or something. around Min into leaving the key on and no sign of anything turning on at all it makes a long beep. and thats it. i thought it was my battery but its not. well i don't think it is because there wasn't any warning and iv been riding nearly every 2ND day. when i opened the compartment i could hear this noise so i put my head inside and this crackling sound was coming out from the fuse area was. what now any one can help so i can go out like now....

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    Pull the fuses next to your mpem. They are mounted to the side of the bracket above the starter sylonoid. Clean the connection and reinstall the fuses. Mine did the exact same thing. That buzzing is the connection of the fuse barely making contact. It would be a good idea to put some dielectic grease on the connections also.

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    yeah no good i though it was the battary i got a new one and same thing checked the fues and that cleaned em and shit and still one long beep and then nothing.

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