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    Should I do an XL 760 Single Carb Conversion?

    First of all, I am not a performance guy. Just looking for reliability (thats why I have a Yamaha), durability and fuel mileage.

    I saw Atlantic Jet Sports has a Yamaha 701/760 single (from a double) carb conversion kit for $380 and I am going to do a carb rebuild soon anyhow so maybe this could be a good time for the conversion. They say the kit reduces fuel consumption by 30% and makes the ski more reliable.

    Anyone use this kit?
    Any cautions against using it?

    thanks for any input and advice!

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    waste of money! Rental companies used to put these on the rental ski's
    but I can't find fault with the duals! they run awesome and are easy to tune and forget and I have no issues with fuel consumption on my 701 soon to be 760
    ps I saw in your other post that u have the 760 with dual 44's I run 2 38's so you will def get less fuel mileage but I still don't think a single is the way to go!

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    Thanks for your reply. Does a singe carb make for a more reliable engine at all?
    You know how in a multi-carb setup if one carb runs a cylinder lean but the other one is OK the non-lean cylinder will pull along the lean cylinder until it frys something. Seems like with one carb if fuel is not getting to the engine it would be easier to tell since whatever is happening is happening to both cylinders at the same time and in the same proportions. Does me theory make any sense?

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    I figure that on a single carb if it fails in a certain way it will stop the motor and save some damage . but it can still run lean and take out cylinders just like a dual set up ,, if you decide to go the single route I call first dibbs on your 44's and manifold !

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    Now it sounds even more appealing to go to singe a carb. Whats the value of my carbs and manifold?

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    150- 240 ish

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    i would also be intrested in your carbs if you sell them.

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    My dual-carb 760 B2 is known as being about the thirstiest ski ever. The amazing thing is that under real-world conditions, it doesn't really use all that much more fuel than my wife's old 580cc 'Doo that only puts out 57 HP and has a single carb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WB800BLASTER View Post
    i would also be intrested in your carbs if you sell them.
    Back off newbie

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    Well, at any rate, it seems like my carbs will have a good home to go to if I do the conversion.

    Does it seem realistic to expect a 30% reduction in fuel (as per advertising) consumption with a single carb?

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