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    DJSA Race 12 of 14 - Suisun City - 10-18-08 > Comments, Results, Photos

    There are a lot of things that took place at the "widowmaker" during race #12 that I will never forget, and I'm happy to report that little body of water lived up to her name in royal fashion! Results are coming, but I have to share a quick story as to why I will always be walking 2 feet tall for our next several seasons - little did I know...

    Couple days ago, a guy called me who said he's "never raced jetskis" and wanted to give it a shot on his SXR 800. Talked to him for a few minutes on the phone and on saturday morning the guy showed up bright and early for sign up. His name - Memo Gidley (pronounced May-Mo in spanish) Don't know why but I couldn't stop pronouncing it as "mee-mo" and I kept flashing on the movie "finding Nemo" so coming up with crazy nicknames as I do, I figured I'd call Mr. Gidley "Finding Nemo" for awhile until I thought of something else - little did I know.

    Being a bit over protective of new racers, and wanting to make sure they have a safe time out and want to come back, I asked Nemo to start in the back his first heat and to wear the always unpopular "Rookie Ribbon" to warn other racers of a new rider on the course. I watched "Nemo" closely the first heat and instantly recognized that not only did he "have some skill" with his ski, but he was also a heads up and alert racer - little did I know...

    "Nemo" was out there with the super hot talent of Nunes, Dixon, Monster Mendoza, Pistol Pete Zernik, and Ryan "Yeah Baby Racing" Haag in the combined Super 800 and FAST Stand class, and he was holding his own just fine. In heat 3, I watched new guy "Finding Nemo" hot on the tail of Mendoza and I kept screaming to scorekeepers Stephanie Beltram and Debi Nunes, "look at the new guy - look at the new guy! - but little did I know...

    When the day was done, and the scores were tallied, Nemo ended up taking 3rd overall in the Super 800 Standup class, and I was very proud to present him with a 3rd place plaque and a handshake. Not bad for his first day out! Nemo had a big smile on his face and when he was leaving I was hoping we had made a good impression on him, and that he would want to come back. Nemo said he was definately coming back, and he would be bringing some "friends".

    After all the awards were handed out and everyone was heading home, I started down to the boat to start pulling buoys. Nemo came down to the dock and said he wanted me to give me something - little did I know... Indy Car driver, Grand Am racer, Lemans racer, Champ car racer, Formula Racer, and Team Doran - Dallara professional race car driver Memo Gidley gave me a framed autographed team picture of himself and teammate Brad Jaeger, thanking me for an awesome day of racing on the water...

    There I stood wearing my Tony Stewart Home Depot jersey, and I looked at him and said..... what is this? Memo just modestly replied - "It's what I do for a living, and I'd like you to have it. And then I realized - that for as long as I live, I can always look back on Oct 18th 2008, as the day I got to meet a car racing hero and legend - one that I asked to wear a "rookie ribbon" on his helmet and start in the back of the pack so he could "learn"...

    I can always look back, and remember telling Memo Gidley about our 1 ski length safe zone rule and 100 ft yield rule so that all of us can go back to work on Mondays - little did I know that Memo Gidley's job is driving 200 mph race cars...

    I felt about 2 feet tall for a few hours after Memo left, but then I couldn't stop laughing about it. I had actually asked a guy who races Indy Cars with Danica Patrick - to wear a friggin rookie ribbon!!!!

    Don't know why, but this race wiped me and the staff out. I think it had something to do with all the intense action you guys delivered today.
    Phil and I loaded everything up and we were going to stay in Suisun one more night and I was going to get up super early and race home to go to work - but all I wanted to do,,,, was get home, and put an autographed picture of Memo Gidley on my living room wall next to the Tony Stewart picture you gave me at last year' s awards dinner.

    We didn't stay in Suisun, and now there is a new addition hanging on my living room wall !!! Mr. Memo Gidley I have 10 words for you...
    I'll never ask you to wear a rookie ribbon again!
    Heres 4 more... The pleasure was mine.

    To each and every one of you who made the trip to Suisun - thanks for an incredible day of racing I will never forget.

    Resulst coming soon but in the meantime... if you'd like to find out a little more about Memo Gidley and Doran racing...,1/

    Little did I know!
    Be safe guys and girls - more coming soon...


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    Another moment I'll never forget...

    Standing on the flag dock just before the Sprint Sits ran they're 3rd heat, I heard a bunch of kids yelling from all the way across the racecourse near the lighthouse. I looked over to make sure everything was ok on the course while the Sprints were doing they're nascar parade lap in rows of 2, and I saw a group of young kids lined up by the rail jumping up and down and waving to their favorite racer... (Those kids were making some noise!)

    The Sprints came around looking nice and tight, and I gave them the green but that lap was short lived when the double buoy at the end of the yellow split decided to move alittle to close to the end of the red split. The race was black flagged and the guys were directed back to the staging area while team orange fixed the problem.

    I looked over at the kids on the far side of the course, and I saw Superman Ricky Garcia and Schrocketman Stan Schrock nose up to the wall and start giving all the kids high 5's. I don't know why, but that minute in time will be with me forever and it will always be one of the things that stick with me from this season...

    For a second, I saw myself as an 8 year old little kid at the Oakland Exposition building watching my first midget car race with my Dad - and "picking my hero of the night". When Billy Vukavich Jr drove past the grandstands during the parade lap - I felt like he was waving at me!

    I saw myself as a 17 year old amatuer motocross racer, and having BRAD LACKEY line up next to me for practice at Hangtown when he looked over at me and said "whats up kid"... I couldn't stop telling my friends afterwards.... DUDES! BRAD LACKEY TALKED TO ME!

    Looking across the lake at these impressionable little kids getting personal attention from the likes of Sprint Sit Superstars Rick Garcia and Stan Schrock? I don't know about you, but to me? That was PRICELESS!
    Poor course photographer Traci Cottle was standing up on the rail behind me, and all I could do was keep shouthing TRACI - get a shot of that - get a shot of that....

    Garcia, Schrock, Ignacio, Mallari, Lasiter, and the 3 win hotdog of the day, "Clear for takeoff" Chris Cottle - you guys were the HOT TICKET of the day and I take my hat off to you for providing 18 laps of the most thrilling and exciting racing on the water I've seen all season... It was almost as incredible - as the lasting impression you made to a group of young people, who now want to be "just like you guys".

    Amazing..... all of you guys in every class are simply amazing.
    My sincere thanks, respect, and admiration always -

    Jim Lambert

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    Diablo Jet Ski Action
    Series Race 12 of 14
    Suisun City California
    Sat – Oct 18th 2008 at

    “The Widow Maker!

    Unoffical official final results

    X2 Open
    1) #72 – D. Wolff – Modesto – Kaw – 1,1,1 – 75 pts

    650 Standup
    1) #157 – J. Gardemeyer – Copperopolis – Kaw – 1,1,1 – 100 pts
    2) #322 – J. Powers – Brentwood – Kaw – 5,2,2 – 80 pts

    3) #53 – J.Cattoor – Brentwood – Kaw – 3,3,3 – 70 pts
    4) #188 – R. Bird – Valley Springs – Kaw – 4,4,4 – 60 pts
    5) #282 – M. Rennie – San Leandro – Kaw – 2, 5,6 – 50 pts
    6) #810 – J. Orr – Hayward – Kaw – 6,6,5 – 40 pts

    Super 800 Standup
    1) #117– T. Nunes – Salt Springs – Kaw – 1,1,2 - 100 pts
    2) #715 – J. Dixon – Rocklin – Kaw – 2.2,1 - 80 pts
    3) #X – M.Gidley – Novato – Kaw – 3,3,3 – 70 pts

    4) #111 – R. Haag – Modesto – Kaw – 4,4,4 - 60 pts

    FAST Stand
    1) #149 – P.Zernik – Sacramento – Hydro – 1,1,1 – 100 pts
    2) #9 – D. Mendoza – Visalia – Kaw – 2,2,2 – 80 pts

    Sport Sitdown
    1) #11 – D. Carlson – Auburn – Seadoo – 1,1,1 - 100 pts
    2) #88 – R. Bird – Valley Springs – Yam – 2,2,2 – 80 pts

    3) #34 – D.Brown – Brentwood – Seadoo – 3,3,3 – 70 pts
    4) #11X – D.Wolff – Modesto – Kaw – 4,4,4 – 60 pts

    Sprint Sitdown
    1) #90 – C. Cottle – Valley Springs – Polaris – 1,1,1 - 100 pts SMOKIN HOT!!!
    2) #37 – S.Schrock – Stockton – Yam – 3,4,2 – 80 pts
    3) #8 – R. Garcia – Stockton – Yam – 2,5,3 – 70 pts
    4) #816 – R. Ignacio – Eldorado Hills – Yam – 4,2,4 - 60 pts

    5) #328 – G.Lasiter – Modesto – Yam – 5,6,5 – 50 pts
    6) #415 – P.Mallari – Antioch – Yam - dnf,3,6 – 40 pts

    SCFAST Sitdown
    1) #5 – J.Dahlberg – Redding – Kaw – 1,2,1 – 100 pts
    2) #95 – D. Cottle Jr – Valley Springs – Yam – 1,2,1 – 80 pts
    3) #528 – S. Harrington – Martinez – Hon – 3,3,3 - 70pts
    4) #70 – M.Saale – Incline Village – Seadoo – 4,4,4 – 60 pts


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    Now I don't feel so bad getting beat by the new guy on his first time out

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    Here are just a couple of the pictures from yesterday.

    M. Gidley

    Stan and Ricky with the kids

    Jim's mom and Dad

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    Thanks again tracy for the pics
    Who would have know that we had a car racer in the mix this weekend
    Memo Gridley, what a great guy.
    See everyone in two weeks

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    Jet ski races enthrall Suisun City crowds

    By Talia Sampson | Daily Republic | October 18, 2008 18:03
    Sacramento rider Peter Zernik makes a turn during the first heat of the Fast Stand Up class Jet Ski races in Suisun City Saturday afternoon. Photo by Mike Greener

    SUISUN CITY - Six-year-old Clowie Tamayo stood on her tiptoes to peer through the black bars of the guard rail along the Suisun City Waterfront Saturday morning.

    She watched as jet skis sliced through the choppy green water in preparation for the Suisun City Widow Maker, organized by Diablo Jet Ski Action, an organization dedicated to setting up amateur personal watercraft races.

    'Look it! Look it! They stand up and do it!' Clowie shouted as the racers took practice laps around red and yellow buoys to familiarize themselves with the course.

    Clowie's parents, Sam and Marina Tamayo of Fairfield, came to the waterfront for breakfast but decided to check out the race when they heard the sound of jet ski engines and were reminded of their son's days racing dirt bikes.

    The race, the third and final in a Suisun series, drew spectators of all ages who lined the guard rail to cheer for their favorites or watch their first jet ski race.

    Senior citizens Burt and Esther Francisco stopped to watch the first race while taking a walk near their Suisun City home.

    'I've seen (jet ski races) in the movies or on TV, but this is my first time watching,' Burt Francisco said, and laughingly added he wouldn't want to try jet skiing at his age.

    It was also the first race for Stacy Harp, 26, of Suisun City, who brought her boyfriend, Jonathan Del Rosario, 23, her children and her nephew to watch from a vantage point beneath the lighthouse after hearing the engines from her home.

    'I have got to get on one of those!' she said as the jet skis maneuvered around the buoys.

    Harp's neighbor Maria Bell, 26, who also came with her, admired the clear weather and cool breeze along the waterfront.

    'It's a nice day to come out and watch something different and exciting,' Bell said, adding she would probably return home to bring her four children out to watch.

    Twenty-seven people participated in the races and former American Idol contestant Vanessa Lucero sang the national anthem.

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    Jim 'The Grand Poobah' Lambert.......
    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Pro race driver Memo Gidley takes on Suisun City 'Widow Maker

    So what does a professional race car driver do for fun? Apparently, if you are Memo Gidley, you try your hand at personal watercraft racing at the Suisun City 'Widow Maker.'

    The Suisun City Waterfront District hosted the Diablo Jet Ski Action personal watercraft racing series on Saturday. It was the third race of the year in Suisun City.

    Describing himself as a self-proclaimed rookie watercraft racer than Jose Guillermo "Memo" Gidley - Indy Car driver, Grand Am racer, Lemans racer, Champ car racer, Formula Racer, and Team Doran-Dallara professional race car driver!

    DJSA Grand Pooba Jim Lambert, who didn't recognize this car racing 'rookie,' gave him the full personal watercraft safety rundown, warned him to be careful so he'd make it to work on Monday and made him wear a rookie ribbon to warn the more experienced racers. He even came up with a funny nickname for the rook!

    Only after he'd placed 3rd in his division did Gidley give Lambert an autographed photo and thanked him for the great day.

    You must check out Jim's hilarious account of the day!

    Memo had such fun, he even posted a piece about his Suisun City experience on his website!

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