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    Ran it on fuel buzzer & filled rideplate holes

    It took my GPR out yesterday to Skiatook Lake. It was calm and about 70 deg. My friend brought his power boat, a 29ft Commander powered by twin 502s. Its a great boat, fast, comfortable & holds lots of beer. It's also slower than my GPR in calm water. Thats cool.
    Before I went to the lake I loaded fresh batteries in my GPS unit, filled two gas cans & filled the holes in the rideplate. I started out with about 5/8 tank of fuel. With a hot motor and the seat on (or off) I managed 67.3mph. Peak rpm was 7350. Later in the day the fuel buzzer came on so I headed back to the ramp, about 20 min. later I was at the ramp. I made one last pass, hot motor & the seat was unlatched & setback. Wow 67.8mph I need to go on a diet. This thing really moves when its low on fuel. My previous best was 66.4mph & 7330rpm. It's time for a Danafly.

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    hey cyclone, what mods r u running, just curious, i ran a 66.8 on my 08 bone stock with stepped sponsons, did not hook up tac yet, only 5 hours on motor so still being kind to it, unfortunately i winterized yesterday so no more riding till next year was hoping to get the magical 10 hours on it this year for my "10 HOUR CHECKUP"

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    R&D plate, grate & PPK
    Stepped sponsons
    Cowling cut for more air
    Stock airbox removed & velocity stacks added
    Milled stock head
    Riva trim tabs & EFI controller
    Filled plate & shoe holes

    I know this is a little slow. The pump shoe is not hanging down & I'm not going to cut the tabs. I get this alot.

    I'm 230lbs, fresh water, about 720 feet altitude. I feel like I'm makeing progress. I prefer acceleration over top speed, but top speed is much easer to measure. Anyone ever use an accelerometer or some other form of data logging?
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    it would be a really good idea to add the following.

    vf3 reeds with matched manifold.
    efi controller
    3degree keyway.

    you should be able to turn a 14/22 DF with those mods, you might be ok with a 14/20 now but try and keep your revs about 7100 or it may hurt your motor.

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    I forgot something

    I do have a Riva EFI fuel controller installed. (I updated my list)

    I have a set of VF3 reeds, IR holeshot kit & Riva FF exhaust waiting to be installed.

    I have ordered DF 14/20 & D plate. The DF should really help the top speed, I hope it doesn't kill the holeshot. I may not have time to install & test the reeds this year. I am not planing to install the JetWorks kit untill mid summer next year. I will add a 3deg key & some FloRites sometime next year. I cannot drill a bunch of holes because I still have a warranty.
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    a 14/20 should be ok once the reeds are installed but ( i am not an efi modder yet) the keyway would also help with this from what i understand as it manipulates the timing and once the keyway is in you really should run the FF exhaust, we use advent t3's to do this on our carbed ski's and a keyway is the only off the shelf way to do it for an EFI. Speak to someone like Jim or Ross about this as they know EFI setups backwards.

    once you start playing with 800 grates and re pitched 14/20's ( i.e 22's 23's 24's 25's) then your hole shot will really suffer unless your making mega power. Joeblo was running some crazy ass prop on his ported tripple pipe and that thing went like a cut cat out of the hole but he was making serious power with his tripples.

    the 800 grate ( off the shelf r&d one) is bad on hole shot and every ski they are on cavitates out the hole, the new SS one from Jerey is supposed to be alot better in this area but i have not yet fitted mine so I cant say for sure from my own expeirence as i have not tested it, however if Tommy J says it does then theres a 99.9% chance it will

    ps: once you break 70-75 you will have to redo your handling as it will change and the angle on your plate will need to be changed, same goes for tabs too so fill them in last as its anoying removing filler from them.

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    My gps is able to log the acceloration times either in 0-100km/h or 0-60mph.

    I use my Nokia E90 communicator as my gps, with sport tracker software..
    best of all.. i have every ride of mine logged into it, so i can compare airtemps, altitude, mods, etc on my performance.

    Keep up the good work with your modding, and congrats on the numbers.

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    also have 87mm 5deg


    I have a 87mm 5deg nozzel waiting just incase the 14/20 is too much. I bought it some time ago and forgot about it. This should be an easy way to tune for holeshot or top speed. Guess I need to buy a steering nozzel & trim ring & hardware to make the swap faster.


    Thanks for the info on the gps datalogger. I need to do more research on this. I really want some form of dataloging without spending a fortune.

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