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Thread: North Carolina?

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    Jacksonville, N.C.

    North Carolina?

    Anyone ride the New River-Jacksonville area? Lookin for some ridin' buddy's.

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    Emerald Isle

    Hey Seagoat,
    I'm down at emerald isle, NC. Like you, in the Corps. Plan on getting a ski for mostly offshore in a month or so (haven't decided exactly on the model/brand, but I'm up to speed on research).

    If you haven't punched to AFG by then (I got just back from there in Oct), and you're up for ocean work that'd be great. In the meantime I may have some questions for you before you punch in light of your seadoo experience.

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    I ride at Lake Gaston.

    Forum member Shooter (Larry) is talking about getting a ride together for the South/North Carolina area riders.

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    Oak Island, NC
    I'm down in Oak Island. We'll be out on the water this Saturday if ya'll are interested in meeting up. Shoot me a PM and let me know.

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    another Marine PWC rider here...stationed at Cherry Point (Prowler ECMO).

    used to own an Ultra 150, currently deployed until spring, but working on having a GP1300R waiting on me when I get back. Probably will live in either New Bern or Morehead City.

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    North Carolina
    I live in scotts hill by wilmington, we ride both salt and fresh, we normally don't ride the iccw in the winter just summer when the water warms up, but we do ride the rivers year around, now if you want to go river riding I'll take you up that river into them woods so far it makes Deliverence look like girl scout camp, reliability and range are key things to consider here, there is nowhere to stop and if you do you will here banjos.
    Tha average trip will be from 70 miles to 160 miles depending on you route. What are you riding? What is your range? Do you have room to pack extra fuel? I usually pack two 2.5 gallon cans and put them in the footwells, one can for spare fuel and the other for a signal fire. If anybody wants to go pm me and let's watch for a warm day. It's usually flat glass riding all day. You could run wfo all day but range becomes an issue so we usually cruise 40-45 mph, until a grudge match breaks out which is about every five minutes.


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