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    WTB:4" metal SC addapter

    I'm looking for a metal 4" supercharger addapter made by Less Cooke.

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    West Texas RXP skoepp's Avatar
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    west texas
    I got one that came with one of my rear air intakes, that was used.
    It is stainless tho. It looks the same but not sure if was made by les cooke.
    I can get pic tommorrow, if your interested shoot me an offer, i have no idea what is is worth.

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    got one off a B-kit charger, doesnt look that pretty tho...

    pm me if interested

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    Frank, I have the aluminum one that RXP Blast used to sell. I'm not using it any more. I can give it to PBJ this weekend if your interested. Thanks, Jason

    one of these kind

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