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    Exit nozzle

    I have a 97 GTX and have been reading here in general to make the exit nozzle bigger. What size should I go to? It is stock now but I will be doing an impeller and thinking most likely a Solas Concord 15/23. I've heard many good things about this prop unless someone can recomend something different. Are there any other upgrades I can do with keeping the motor stock for reliability? Thanks for your help.

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    Anyone have any idea's?

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    stock nozzle is fine in my opinion. opening up the nozzle will give you a bit better bottom end, but you will lose on the top. solas is a decent impeller for that ski. are you still looking for an impeller or do you have one? i think i have one if you need.

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    I don't have anything yet. Just planning on what I'm doing. What have you got? Are there any other mods I can do?

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    How is the Solas X prop?

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