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    GR1300R 'v' SeadooXP

    Whats the best ski, topics to consider are:

    1. Handling

    2. Speed

    3 Reliability

    I have an XP at the moment and love it for its handling and speed, reliabilty has not been an issue and its a great ski to throw about.

    I want something that has the chuckability of the XP but with the ability to tow ringos and carry passengers, in otherwords a good compromise between the two. Any other ski's which fit the bill???

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    the gpr are a great ski,do some searchs on hear it will tell you what you want to plus much much more!!!!!!!!!

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    its a big comprimise.

    gpr is a little small if you want to carry passengers.

    I usually run my race seat, so its a single seater 90% of the time.100% perfect for that.

    If i want to carry a lady, i use my stock seat, only good thing, she will be really close to you.

    Stability can be a problem with passengers, if u want to cruise under 30mph.

    As for towing.. ive tried it a few times, and oh my no thanks. with the huge amounts of holeshot its a no go.

    If you want a towing and passenger ski: go for a SHO or RXT or ultra250.

    If you want a single seater to rde hard and thats nimble, get a GPR

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