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Thread: help with hull

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    help with hull

    hey all , went out on the weekend to a lake and ended up hitting a submerged tree , checked the hull there was nothing there ,
    checked the hull today and just before the grate a small crack and there was water coming from and another one at the front

    should i be worried or is this a comon thing and easily repaired

    any info will be great

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    anybody ???

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    pics would help, but if you have water that got under neath the gel coat to the fiber glass that is a problem. I wouldnt put it back in water for sure or will just take in more water, and all that water has to be removed before you would be able to do any repair.

    I am sure some will chime in with pics.

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    yeah.. leaking water is not good. You probably would want to fix that. Fine sanding, Marine-tex and some more fine sanding will do the trick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skoepp View Post

    I am sure some will chime in with pics.
    Log. what log? I diddnt see any log.

    Really though, Steven is right you have to get the water out. It has to be totaly dry before you can repair anything. If you have water dripping out of any cracks it is an issue but can be fixed. I suggest you tilt the ski up if on a trailer and put a fan on the effected area. Post some pics and we can help you better.

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