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    Ultra 150 oil pump cable

    When washing my 2002 Ultra 150 this weekend i noticed that the oil pump cable is starting to fray just at the pulley...i have ordered a new one but may not arrive till next week....what will happen if it snaps?...will it run full oil or none?

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    im was i told that wen they break they will just give the motor full oil so it fine just will run rich at low rpm but it wood b best to get it fix asap

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    Ditto that.
    It's a variable type oil pump and that's how it works.

    To help avoiding the fraying in future, always apply plenty waterproof grease at the cable reel area.

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    I replaced the oil cable on mine over the winter. I inspected the new cable and it had several broken strands sticking out when I took it out of the package. Not good! I sent it back and got a replacement, told them to inspect it before shipping it to me. Second cable was OK.

    I don't know if grease would really do any good. I think that the bending radius is too small. Also, if the replacement cables are bad, perhaps they had a bunch of bad cables when they built the 'Skis.

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