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    Ultra 150 oil pump cable

    When washing my 2002 Ultra 150 this weekend i noticed that the oil pump cable is starting to fray just at the pulley...i have ordered a new one but may not arrive till next week....what will happen if it snaps?...will it run full oil or none?

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    It should run full oil if the cable breaks.

    Do you run extra oil in the gas? If not, you should investigate/consider it.

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    I thought that the oil cable tightened when the throttle was pulled, which would imply to me that more oil is given at higher throttle, so if the cable broke, you would be getting idle speed oil, and I would assume that the engine is given more oil at full throttle than at idle speed.

    I'm basing this more on intuition than anything in the manual, but I think the logic sounds solid.

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    oil pump

    You would be correct EXCEPT the oil pump pulley is spring loaded and you have to open it to connect the oil pump cable so the cable holds the pulley back and as you use the throttle it will pull against the spring, so if the cable breaks it fully releases the pulley and it goes to wide open.
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