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    Difference between galvanized and aluminum

    Sorry if a stupid question but can someone explain the pros/cons of each and which is better?

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    Alum is lighter

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    I am not a trailer expert, but Aluminum seems to be the preferred material for a PWC trailer;
    - Does not rust
    - Lighter weight
    - Higher resale value
    - No paint to chip
    - Long trailer life
    - If welded aluminum frame, there are fewer bolts/nuts to loosen
    - Can look like new again using aluminum cleaner
    - A torsion axle on an aluminum frame is an excellent trailer combination (quiet ride, light weight, no rust worries)

    Galvanized steel will rust where the metal is cut, drilled, or otherwise has the galvanized coating damaged. Minor nicks the galvanizing can still protect, but drilled holes and such can corrode, unless they are coated/painted/greased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gprjersey07 View Post
    stupid question

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    Con on aluminum! It cant be modified easily! and if it cracks it's a lot harder to weld than mild steal

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    sorry i was just reading this post and i disagree at one time aluminum was harder to weld because there was not a lot of people who knew how to weld aluminum but more and more people are going to aluminum as it is alot easier and quicker to repair plus to add extras down the road to the trailer it is so much faster and convenient! Aluminum is becoming the new steel lol!

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    Disagree all u want! most people can't weld aluminum! ( end users ,, not shops) mild steel is easier to weld and the equipment is cheaper , anyone can fire up a buzz box and fix/ modify a mild steel trailer . that was my point
    I would rather have an aluminum trailer personally , but of my 4 none are

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    For salt water galvanized is better & more durable. Aluminum trailers are better for fresh water applications. The salt corrodes the alum. fast even if you flush it well with fresh water. Check with any professional trailer people and the'll tell you the same.

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