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Thread: SS wear rings

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    SS wear rings

    Are SS wear rings hard on impellers vs. the stock plastic ones? what does the SS wear rings do to the impelllers?

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    Some will say that the plastic rings absorb the impacts from rocks/debris. Which the SS wear ring and impellers would split the impacts and rubs from rucks, etc. I have the ss wear ring, and I have minor, minor, minor scrapes (not scratches) on my ring...nothing on my impeller. I baby mine though, ensuring to never have the engine on while in shallow water.

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    will the ss wear ring wear the prop out? if so how long?


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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman1998 View Post
    will the ss wear ring wear the prop out? if so how long?

    over time it may but you can reduce that wear by installing a solid frt mount. Jerry has them on sale until the end of the month.

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    The stainless steel wear ring is the way to go. The plastic wear rings wear out quickly and your performance drops off.

    With the SS rings you maintain peak performance longer. If you put a lot of hours on your ski and the impellers outer edge wears down just send it to Skat Trak or Impros in the winter time to have it built back up. They charge around $90

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    I like the SS ring a lot because of the clearance consistency & thrust BUT, I hate the way it "applies" brakes to the prop when in the chop. The prop flex scrubs the SS ring at any specific point, mine being the 7 to 10 O'clock position & acts like a brake drum. Very frustrating when grudging in the chop or on the course!

    Where the stock ring is grooved out by the prop flex & you don't get that Brake affect but you get a larger prop to ring clearance & that kills hole shot & thrust.

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    Keep good bearings in your pump and you don't need a SS wear ring

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    thanks for the posts guys....

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    is doing a prop change, wear ring change a big job? I have a impeller removal tool and a good vise. Anything i need to pay close attention to?


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