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    Need some purchasing advice

    I'm in the process of buying a seadoo jet boat. I'm still a young guy with 2 kids and a wife so the purchase price has to be low. I'm primarily looking at the Seadoo Speedster and Seadoo Challenger in the year range of 1997 to 2000. Oh by the way I used to own a 97 sportster so I have some prior knowledge on how to maintain these boats.

    I've found a 97 Challenger 1800 for sale that is within my price range. According to the seller the only problem is that the seats are torn up and could use some recovering. The things that have me worried is that he told me that he bought the boat from someone a year ago and discovered the previous owner filled the engine with antifreeze in order to winterize it. He just poured it straight into the spark plug holes Also he did admit to using regular oil in it one time when it got low because he was worried he wouldn't make it back to the dock. He said it fouled the plugs until he finally burned it out but other than that it still runs good now.

    Are these 2 things that should warrant me to just walk away from it or if after I do a thorough check (compression, wear rings) and test drive it, if it runs great should I buy it? Thanks for the advice

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    walk away from it

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    "walk away".....?.. RUN AWAY!!

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    If he's sharing this information, how bad must be the stuff he's HIDING from you?!?

    Have the engines even been started since the antifreeze incident?

    Who cares - run away as fast as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAPWC View Post
    Have the engines even been started since the antifreeze incident?
    He said he's been running it all summer with no problems.

    I'll definitely take your guys advice and run away from it. It was a good deal but I'm not in the mood to rebuild two engines unless the boat is given to me. Thanks again for the advice

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