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    WTB X4 XP/SPX R&D Nozzle + Solas XO prop

    Like the title says, looking for these two items. Used is ok as long as the prop isnt chewed up obviously.

    I also need a yellow single gauge hood.

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    I have a R&D nozzel, 85mm pump 88mm steering

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    pm me some prices.

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    I have a Solas XO prop for you, and I will even throw in an OEM FX intake grate! PM sent

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    I just bought that intake grate a few days ago for $25.

    I thought you meant an rxp intake grate which I am looking for..

    anxious to hear back with whatver X4 goodies you are able to procure.

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    XP 785 parts

    I have a VE aftermarket performance head with 2 sets of domes for $250 shipped. A MILLER twin plug Superstock head with domes $190 I also have a Watercraft magic spigot intake manifold $100 a JD toploader $90 Thanks. Mike

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    I just need the parts stated above. My SPX is already piped with a head. My XP stays stock. Thanks anyway.

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    i have a r/d noozzle 85-88 and have the trim ring too 150 shipped in usa

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