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    World Final 2008 Official Photos

    Hello Norcal friends,

    Here is the WF Photo Album 2008. I just got done tonight.
    Click on Slide Show and enjoy. There's only 889 shots that I took.

    Here are THE PROS:

    NorCal members at the WF 2008 that I know of.
    Photo Courtesy by Young Huynh (aka Younggtx)

    Ski Clinic:

    Derek Kemmick:


    Carlos Thomas and Rider #680

    Keith Miguel #465:

    The Hardwares

    Derek Kemmick:

    Tony Nunes:

    Tony giving speech:

    Tony w/ Debi & Mark Nunes:
    Family play together, stay together!

    Carlos "Boom Boom" Thomas:

    Younggtx with The Nunes.

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    I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to watch your slide show. Sure missed you on Sunday buddy.

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