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    Can a 92' SL650 ever be reliable?


    I recently bought a 92 SL650 with a motor that won't trun over from sitting too long out in the elements. My plan was to get it running but I am having second thoughts now. I hear about all these problems with cranks losing the correct indexing and so on. Looking throught the forum I get the impression everyone is having all kinds of problems with them. I also looked at parts prices if need to rebuild the crank and all 3 carbs it may run the cost up beyond what it is worth. I bought it for $400 and could easily sell it for the same price and but another brand or a running ski. I am able to do most rerpair work myself.

    So in addition to any thought or advise you may have the big question is can this machine ever be reliable?

    I don't want to sink money into a machine that ends up being one problem after another. I will take your collective wisdom to heart, you are the experts!

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    dump it! the 92 is 2 years away from being worth a crap unless you want to sink some serious coin and with the water issues the motor is a mess that will cost some $$$

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    '92 was the very first model year for Polaris PWC.

    If it was already in running condition, and did not need money and effort, then it might be worth keeping. Since your example is not running, and needs money+time, it doesn't make sense to restore it to working order.

    If you can sell it for what you paid, do so and move up to a newer/better model. The 1994 and newer Polaris are a better base to work from.

    From 1996 onwards the engine type changed from Fuji to Polaris domestic. Generally more power with the larger domestic engines, depending on the model.

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    Short response..


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    ps check my signature! I speak from experience and missing coin!

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    Sure it can be reliable. BUT, you're already looking to fix the ski from the get go. Cranks are expensive, and if it sat for years and won't turn, you got problems that will cost $$$$. Not worth the time and aggravation.

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    Sell it. Motors are 800.oo..... Plus, everything else needs updating...carb cleaning, hoses replaced, fuel pump updated ,tank flush and so on. And it doesnt even go

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    Thank you guys for your advice and experience-based wisdom based. You may have saved a lot of money and hassle.
    I put it for sale and it sold very quickly. Posted it on craigslist and BAM, its gone. Like a hotcake. At that rate I wish I had more of them to sell.

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    excellent now go buy a 785 pro!. although they need tlc, much different thana stock 750

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