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    2002 TXI won't start and software

    I'm new here but have been reading the other threads about TXIs and their issues. Seems that battery voltage, TPS, and EMMs pretty much are the root of the problems.

    I have two 1997 SLTXs, and one 2002 Virage TXI. Just bought the TXI, it ran very rough for the first hour that I rode it, but continually gained rpms, over a one hour period. Started out at max of about 4500, but made it up to 6200 in an hour of riding. Put in fresh gas before I started, had a new battery, but would never idle. Bogged down really bad, and at the end of the hour, I could recover from the bogging by backing off of the throttle, letting it catch up with itself, and then taking off again.

    Here's my question...where can I get a copy of the diagnostic software for this ski? I would like to start working on it, but it seems that it would help to start with a diagnostic, first.

    I really appreciate all of the posts on this site, it has been most informative for me over the past several evenings while trying to figure out what the problem might be.


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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Polaris Ficht diagnostic software is very hard to come by.

    There are two versions. The older, DOS based PODIAG, and the Windows based Digital Wrench.

    Are you seeing a red lamp, or 'Check Engine' message on the MFI display, at any time?

    Be sure to only use 89 octane or higher gasoline. I only use 91 octane in my three Ficht engines, partially to avoid Ethanol blended gas problems, and partially to ensure I never have to worry about detonation or 'bad gas'.

    You must use the recommended NGK PZFR6H spark plugs, no substitutions.

    Any history on the 2002 Virage TXi?
    Was it sitting for a long time?

    Have you checked compression?

    If you unplug the TPS, will it start and idle?

    Also check the air and water temp sensors for correct resistances, and CPS too.

    If you haven't found it already, the 2002 Polaris Service Manual can be found here.

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    I am using 93 octane gas, I put in new NGK plugs, per the manual that I have a copy of. I installed a new TPS but did not try unplugging it. Will do that next.

    I checked compression and had 130psi on the front two and 120 on the rear cylinder.

    Have not seen any error messages on the screen.

    Where can I obtain the software if I wanted a copy?


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