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    whats stage is this

    anyone no what stage this , 42lb inj ,remaped ecu turning 8650 , thermostat, Seadoo Centre Light Weight Valve Spring Retainers, Seadoo Centre lightened valves, b kit , pirhana intercooler , worx grate , sponsons, handle bars and finger throtle ,opas b off , seadoo center skat prop 14/19 , seadoo centre pump cone

    any guess on speeds and hp this thing is doing
    (dont have a gps )

    any info will be great guys

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    I would say a mild stage 3. Speeds????Mid 70s to low 80s maybe..

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    Full Stage 3...

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    any ideas on how many horses

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    I would guess around 280-290hp, the B-kit is the power maker...

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    Not sure on horses, likely 275++ ... surprising that Les runs that setup with 42 lb injectors tho?? Seems like larger injectors would be better with a B kit SC and 8650 rpm.

    GPS it and let us know ... the impeller sounds like it may be setup more for acceleration and closed course rather than top speed. What do you want - top speed, or will you be racing closed course with it?

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    seriously i dont even no , all i wanted was to kick ass over a rxpx and and got carried away , i havent draged one thought dying to see how i go les cooke thinks px dont stand a chance unless they are preety wekk geared

    will soon find out

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