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    If you really the owner, why no title?

    I am amazed at how many motor vehicle ads include a "no title" disclaimer. Sure, in the case of watercraft and trailers, some states don't issue titles; that's not what I'm talking about. In states that do -- and with motorcycles and cars, they all do -- I see this in classifieds fairly often. A lot of them even go on to specifically assure the reader that the seller really, really is the legal owner, or "its easy to get a title from the state."

    I've approached a couple of these "legit" owners, and each time the whole thing seemed rather fishy. I'd ask a few questions:
    1) If you're really the owner, why do you not have the title?
    2) If it's so easy to get a new title, why haven't you applied for one?

    The usual sorts of answers:

    "The title is in my name, I just can't find it." or "I applied for one when I bought it, but never got the paper back from the state."
    Well, do you have a tax receipt or license application with the title number on it? I'll be glad to refund the cost of applying for a duplicate.

    "I don't want to hassle with the paperwork."
    Really? It would probably increase the market value of your vehicle significantly.

    "My buddy sold it to me a while back, then moved before I got the title."
    What's his name? Do you have a current or past address for him? Have you filled out an abandoned property affidavit?

    It's amazing the mumbled, vague responses you get at this point.

    In every case in which I've asked for the VIN (or HIN) so I can run a title search, I've never heard back from the seller. Funny, huh?

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    Buying a car with a lost title is a nightmare. I thought about it once because [on this particular car] it would have been an unbelievable deal. I asked a cop friend and he laughed. In CT it has to go through some ridiculous inspection and you cannot drive the car there, it must be towed. Then there is a ton of paperwork and about six months of waiting just to find out if youll get it or not.
    I remember a similar response as to what youre describing from the guy selling it. It makes no sense. IF you lost it, request a new one- then sell it. Anyone has to know that its hard to sell a car with no title. In CT you cant even junk a car without a title....

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    sounds like katrina or ike is linked in it somewhere, just ask for the vin number and run a report on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by meirvin View Post
    sounds like katrina or ike is linked in it somewhere, just ask for the vin number and run a report on it
    All my cars/motorcyles have a "questionable" title, just because I lived in Lafayette, La, during Katrina(we got no wind, and 2 drops of rain), and Rita(got 75mph winds, and 2 feet of rain). All my stuff was in my garage, but now the titles are branded that they came from a "disaster" area...wft, over?

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    i dont get what the big deal about geting a duplicate tittle or registration is. in ny state you just go to the dmv and ask for a duplicate and pay a few bucks and they mail it to you. whats the hassle??

    i never buy any thing with out a tittle or transferable registration. i know in ny some things dont have tittles. like when i sold my quad the kid kept asking for a tittle i was like they dont have them there transferable registrations.

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    I bought a Titled ski with a non titled trailer , but the owner had gone thru a ton of certified letter and other DMV crap to get a hold of the previous owner ( who ignored all request for a signature ) so when all was said and done DMV wanted a 100$ non refundable bond and liscensce fee's well it's a Picadilly single place trailer worth 100$ so like the owner before me I never bothered getting a title and have never been stopped but when I go to sell it I'm going to look like one of the dufassas in you example

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    I see a lot of these too... The common theme is that they all say:
    Titles are easy to get with a bill of sale.
    All you've got to do is apply for a lost title.

    Here in TX, they're super strict about doing title transfers... The sad thing is that it doesn't hinder the dishonest people one little bit. It simply really causes problems for all of the honest people out there.

    Bonded titles really are the answer, but they cost money...

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    When I lived in Texas, I lost the registration for my boat trailer. The lady at dmv just said "why don't you register it as homemade"? All it involved was putting my ssn on the frame somewhere so that's what I did. Then I found the old paperwork so the next time, i just used the original. I also had an girlfriend abandon a car at my house after we broke up. I had put alot of time and money into fixing it up so I went to dmv and asked about titling an abandoned car. The lady gave me a some paperwork to fill out and told me to come back in a few days (wtf). I filled it out and got it notarized and when I went back a different women waited on me. She just kept saying "go back home and bring me a receipt for buying the car". I kept telling her that I didn't buy it, it was abandoned. After the 4th time I realized she was trying to help me out (wink wink). Brought her my "receipt" and bamm, it was all done. Six months later I found the original title under the front seat under the carpet. It had been signed and notarized by the gas station she had purchased it from and never put in her name.

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    is it a parts boat? sometimes people sell with no title or a salvage title, that way it has to be inspected and or run through in order to get a legit title

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