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    95 slx780 jet pump assembly fit a 96 slt780

    hey, does anyone know if the whole jet assembly from a 95 slx780 will fit on a 96 slt780?? If it won't will an assembly from an sl1050 fit on it? I appreciate any help on this..

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    As long as they are both the same length (extended or not extended), then the slx780 pump should bolt right in.

    There may be some differences in the impeller pitches, but it should be close. There are charts in the Tech section listing the different impeller pitches for all the models.

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    basically the only variables on the late pumps are if they have 1,2 or no bilge fittings

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    Since the pumps are modular, you only need a couple pieces from the long version to add to the exisiting. However, steering and reverse cables will need to be lengthened.

    Either pump you asked about will work on yours as long as it's a 94 or newer.

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