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Thread: '97 XP issue

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    '97 XP issue

    Greetings from Africa,

    I was hoping maybe somebody could shed some light on an issue I have with my XP.

    When I run it on the trailer with the flush kit it revs very crisply and cleany but when it is in the water it runs at low revs but as you increase the revs it has a bit of a hesitation and then just blasts away there is no middle or cruising range just slow and flying.
    What can I look at or adjust to stop this.


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    sounds like you need a carb rebuild.
    maybe the pop off preasure in the carbs is set wrong..

    pull your plugs and take a few pics of the plug tips (color) so We can see.

    also check you rave valve bellows. - thats the 2 round things on the motor right next to the exhaust. the caps pop off by moving that metal clip. (be carefull!! there spring loaded.) check to see that the rubber inside is good and that they move up and down freely.
    thats the first things i would check.

    maybe a compression check and all around hose check too.
    also clean your fuel seperator. (the cup looking thing in the fuel line)

    let us know what you find, im sure between everyone on here We can get it fix up for ya

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    no low end power

    if it just happend it could also be something as dirt clogging the low speed jet or jets..

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