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Thread: 1998 seadoo gts

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    1998 seadoo gts

    Hey guys,
    Looking at buying another 3 seater for wife and kids. What size motor is in the 98 gts and is it a good ski. Most likely get it for $1500 with trailer.
    Thanks guys.

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    720 motor. As for a cheap 3 seater for the family, they are fine. Don't do anything to try to make them faster, its not worth trying.

    The 720 is-was a great motor.

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    acutally it is a 1995 gts. no looking to go faster--more for wife and kids. i have an XP as well. What motor is in the 1995? Was it a half decent motor. i can get the package for $1000.00 It is not running, but the guys says it ran fine until it would not turn over--so most likely the starter or relay. Just want opinions on whether these skis were a dog or not. Thanks guys.

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    I have a 97,, nice stable hull,, replacing motor because of a fuel issue,, but otherwise the 720 seems to be a ok motor,,

    should pull a ski'er well and tubes...

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    Actually the 95 gts came with the 587 motor,and the gtx came with the 650 motor,it wasnt until 97 that the gts came w/717 engine.The 587 single carb gts that was sold in 95 is ok for riding around ,but will pull a tube, no way to ski behind it .It gets great fuel mileage but at 60 horsepower youre not going to pull much of anything.The 650 or 717 engines with twin carbs have lots more get up and go.or the better engine yet was 800cc available in 96 and 97 gtx.hope this helps>Marvin

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    thanks Guys. Not looking to pull a skier--I have a boat for that--just looking for something somewhat reliable that my wife and kids can play on. Don't even really need tons of power---more for touring. thanks again.

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    1998 717 gts

    I have a 1998 Seadoo with the 717 motor. My question is I think it is only a single carb. Is there such an animal. Could I upgrade to dual carbs to get additional speed?

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