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    GTX/RXT stiff steering fixed


    My 03 GTX developed bad stiff steering while stored away for winter (Australia). Anyway I bought a new replacement OEM steering cable. I pulled the old cable out and found that it was not only the cable contributing to the steering being stiff. My steering column was nearly seized due to the salt build-up in between the steering shaft and steering shaft housing. All the salt water that gets in there while riding had left a nice build up of salt as it evaporated or dried out.

    Here are some pictures that I hope will help others. I guess this applies to all salt water skis, but this one is specific for GTX/RXT skis. Excuse the quality as these were taken with a phone camera.

    This image shows the pump removed and old steering cable removed with draw ropes pulled trough with the old steering cable to be used to pull the new cable back trough.

    These images shows my steering column out. You can see the salt buildup around the column, where is sits in the column housing.

    These pictures show the steering column housing also with the salt built up where the shaft goes trough.

    Here are a couple of pics of the steering column shaft and housing after I cleaned them with some super fine wet 'n' dry. I lubed the shaft with some synthetic marine grade lube before putting it all back together and now the handle bars move nice a freely with very little pressure.

    Here are some pics of the old steering cable and new steering cable. Old cable is the pre 05 thick style part number 277000949 and the new thin cable is the replacement cable part number 277001438. Also you can see the plastic nut, 2 half caps and a rubber seal that came out with the old cable and need to be fitted to new cable before it is installed.

    Here I have taken a few pics of the steps involved in refitting the seal and caps to the new steering cable. Note you first need to feed the cable trough from front to back and once the cable if fed trough the hole at the back (first pic) then you would fit the seal, caps and nut as per below and screw back into place.

    Once everything is back in place I needed to realign the steering/pump. You can see how to do this in the tread called "How-To: Front Steering Adjustment" here

    I did not go into detail about each step of removing old cable and removing the steering column assembly and taking it apart. If anyone has any specific questions I'll be happy to answer them.

    End result is, the steering now is super smooth and very very light compared to how is was before. Ski is much much nicer to steer now

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    Nice post, looking good... I don't ride in marine but this should be helpful to those who do.

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