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    Couple of questions on winterize?

    I filled a 6 gallon tank with a hose fitting on it with safe antifreeze and hooked it up to my flushes on my 2008 speedster 200 . I ran it for a minute on each motor ,I pressurized it the same pressure as the hose on my house , I opened it when the motor was running and ran it for a minute on each motor and saw only the antifreeze coming out ,closed the hose and then shut off motor. I then took the plugs out and sprayed fogging oil in each ,held open the throttle and cranked for 5 second and put plugs back in. I put stbbil additive in and topped off tank and finally sprayed the heck out of everything with brp fluid. I should be good for the winter right?

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    Pull the fuel rail and fog in the ports. this will lube the valves its a must.

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    What are the valves made of ?,are they in that much jeapordy if you dont fog them?Do I have to pull the plugs again? I never fogged the valves on any of my old machines and never had a problem. Thankyou for all the advice it makes me better at my sport.

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    Dr Len Speaks the truth. Listen for your own good.

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    Yes Dr. Len Is correct!

    1. Pull Oil dipstick out

    2. Remove plastic engine cover

    3. Remove 2 Screws that hold down fuel rail

    4. Gently pull up on fuel rail with both hands until it pops out

    5. Spray Bombardier lube into all 3 port holes (spray long blast about 2 seconds worth) DO NOT USE THE SPRAY CAN EXTENDER TUBE,IT COULD POP OFF WHILE SPRAYING AND GO INSIDE THE ENGINE

    6. Pop the fuel rail back into the port holes and hold throttle in wide open position (Drown Mode) while a friend cranks engine to disperse lube on engine internals. Have friend crank engine for 2-3 seconds. The engine will not start when throttle is held wide open,it will only crank...

    Repeat the spray and crank procedure 2 more times

    7. Tighten down fuel rail screws install engine cover and dipstick

    Your Valves and engine internals are now protected from any condensation that may form from sitting in different temps

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    thanks holdon

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