Kuwaiti jet-skier takes gold at Asian B. Games BALI, Indonesia, Oct 24, (KUNA): Kuwaiti Jet-Skier Ali Al-Shimali won Friday the gold medal in the 800 c.c. race held within the first Asian Beach Games at Bali Island, Indonesia. Even though Al-Shimali only needed to finish the race to secure the gold, the Kuwaiti Jet-Skier insisted on topping the hill through a performance that left other rivals stunned. Speaking to KUNA, Al-Shimali said he was very pleased with the result, adding this win was dedicated for Kuwait.

On his participation in the 1,200 c.c. experts’ race, Al-Shimali said that he might not take part in the event due to the disappearance of an English official who was inspecting the race course. Al-Shimali, a friend of the official, said that he would partake in the race if rescue teams managed to locate the missing person. The 1,200 c.c. race is a marathon event in which Jet-Skier try to cover as much distance as they could possibly cover. Al-Shimali’s record in the race is 120 kilometers, achieved back in 2007. Al-Shimali’s gold is the second Kuwaiti medal won in the games after the silver medal by the water-polo team.