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    MSX 140 Loses power

    Hi There, Very new to this.

    I have a MSX 140 that revs up fine out of water, however i put it in the water and the max revs i have achieved is 4200RPM and about 30kph with playing with the throttle, if i give any more than 1/3 throttle it dies. Have replaced plugs (PZFR6H) and still no good. 26hrs on clock.

    It will only run for about 5 mins then stop and takes alot of cranking to start ( kind of like flooding?) but will start first kick when cold?

    The last time i had it out last year, it did this intermittently 3 times, then came good, i suspected bad fuel and have drained and put fresh fuel in.

    any help would be appreciated...


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    Danile, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    Check your fuel pressure and let us know what you have.
    Any warning indicators on the MFD?
    I can't determine if you're hitting the rev limiter or have a fuel issue, so start with the fuel pressure I guess.

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