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    98 GTX Long BEEP every minute or so..Help

    first Post

    I just baught the thing. Hooked it up to hose and it gives off long beep every minute or less. Any suggestions on what to test or what to look for ? Gas is more than half full. Engine is cool to the touch. How do I search for codes ? I believe the sending unit is out and I have no reading on fuel gauge. I also just baught a 96 sea doo just yesterday and I unplugged the sending unit to see if that would cause the beep and it doesn't just shows no fuel info on gauge. What could the long beep be? Its on I haven't run it in the water yet to see how performance is.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Mark

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    Welcome Mark!

    If your fuel gauge isn't working it is a low fuel warning beep. Since the MPEM thinks it's empty it will beep every minute to remind you it's low. Check the thread above on the fuel baffle/sending unit repair, I can almost guarantee you that is what's wrong.

    If you want to ride it without being annoyed just unplug the beeper. There is also available free service manuals for your ski, in the same area above.

    You've got a great handling hull...the best GTX hull made to date, IMO.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 96XPSS View Post
    Welcome Mark!
    If you want to ride it without being annoyed just unplug the beeper.


    Unfortunately this generation of Seadoos is notorious for electrical gremlins. I once had a 98 GSX that had similar issues. I eventually unplugged everything on it that wasnt an absolute necessity and never had another issue.

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    Robert, Yes it was the Baffle. I first actually unplugged the baffle and jumped it with two wired over two my other 96' GTX gas sending unit. When I started it the gas gauge read, but I still had the beep. I thought well now the gauge works, but the tank on that ski was very low. I followed the instructions to open the baffle and solder across the fuse that I found was bad in the baffle. Im greatful for your input. When installed again the beep was gone and my guage works great! I installed an inline 7.5 amp on the plug coming out of the baffle. I took some pics I will try and post. Im having trouble viewing the manuals.....can anyone help. I just get the page with all the years and they dont want to open.

    thanks,,,, Mark

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    never unplug your beeper it also will beep when your engine is in a overheat stage, so then you won't know.......

    LOL, TLR

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