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    WTB: 1300 gas valves & heads

    Looking for 2 gas valve setups for the 1300R cylinder. Will take all three if i have to.

    Also looking for 2 1300R heads. will take all three if i have two.

    These will be used on a 66E cases with 1300r cylinders.



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    do you already have the 1300 cylinders?
    they are different than the 800/1200 cylinders other than bore
    i have some 1300 npv on my 66e in my sj
    had to get the riva heads cast (non dome changabe) really sux
    runs good but would be better if had more compression and i dont want to mill in case i want to install on my 1300r later
    1300r cyl and riva heads make around 150 psi and you must still use a oem head gasket
    i trimmed off 1 cylinder and then took the rivit out and seperated the 2 layers
    i think if you want big bore you would be better off with 87mm pistons & punch out some v or e cylinders
    what kind of electronics you got?

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