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    2004 MSX 150 will not stop running

    2004 MSX 150 will not stop running, I have to disconnect the battery to get it to stop. I have confirmed the stop/lanyard switch is working properly and I see the SWITCHED ECU VOLTAGE go from 12volts to almost zero when the lanyard is removed. I have traced the purple wire back to the System IFB pin H. However I see NO Transition on pin C BLU/WHT SWITCHED ECU VOLTAGE when the stop switch is pressed. It remains at around 10 volts which is strange. I would expect it to change from around 12 volts to zero as the lanyard is removed or the start button is pressed.
    I suspect a bad System IFB but there does not seem to be any reported problems like this on the MSX150 Start / Stop Electrical System.
    Opinions please !

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    New one on me....

    But...Jay (4STROKEPOLARISTECH) is in the business, and has seen it all! He is great on diagnosis, and has the parts, both new and used.

    Give him a PM, and he will probably reply.

    Oh, yeah...the moderators here have his daytime phone number, and will probably post it for you. I have it buried somewhere...and will take a look.

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    Jay will point you in the right direction.

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    Replaced IFB and shut down switch works

    Update. Ordered and recieved a new system Interface Block and the lynyard Kill and stop switch now work porperly.

    Thanks for the kind assistance.

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    It hasn't just broken down ?


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