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    RXPX cold temp help

    Hey guys,
    Quick question. Does anyone see any issues flushing the ski with the pink RV antifreeze? I stood on the back of the ski connected a long hose to the flush port and funneled a couple of gallons through untill I saw it come out of the peep hole and exhaust outlet?
    The engine is closed loop so I was just worried about the intercooler. I read online saing you have to disconnect certain hoses but I figured if it come out the peep hole the anitfreeze has made its way through the system.
    I want to keep riding for another month and figured this would be a better solution then taking the hoses off everytime i ride.

    Thanks for the help

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    You could have also used compressed air to force the water out of the intercooler... Ron

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    just use an electric pump, like sunp pump or a pool pump, to force water up the flush port.
    you want soemthing with a pretty good flow/force to really pressurize the open loop of the cooling system.
    just gravity fed is ok but if you really want to be safe use an electric pump.
    i do this for all my skis, for the winterization.
    unhooking hoses and adding antifreeze or compressed air is, like you said, a PITA.

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    RV (Pink) Antifreeze will work just fine..

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    Winterizing sucks.... glad I don't have to worry about it

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