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    looking for x4 800 in florida

    doesnt matter if it needs work as long as its priced accordingly. already been through craigslist. not sure about what i see there. whatcha got?

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    99 SPX

    Hello how are you.

    I saw your ad about looking for an x4. I am not sure what that is but I have a 1999 Sea Doo SPX that I inherited from my son who went to the army and I need to sell it because it's taking up to much room in my garage. He used to race for years and then stop in 2000 so this wave runner has very few hours on it. My son has put a lot of time a money into this wave runner to make it go faster. He only raced it for a short period of time. All I know is that the motor was sent to riva and ported and polished and has a different exhaust and a skat trac pump I think. I need this wave runner out of my garage soon so I am willing to sell it for cheap. I am not sure what they're worth but would like to get about a 1000 dollars for it. It also has a nice triton trailer.
    Please let me know if you would like to come look at it. I live in Jupiter FL.

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    please and thank you sir i have a money order available for this fine vehicle if you would be willing to ship.

    i would be pleased to send a money order with utmost speed to your address with an amount higher than the price listed, you may then feel free to send back the balance with great haste.

    please advise if these terms for this fine vehicle are great

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    there was a 96xp here in CT that went for $400 last week on ebay. it had one bad piston but the hull was clean. I was shocked

    my advice is ebay and craigslist. the worse the economy gets, the better the deal gets.

    id have bought that xp, changed the top end and flipped it in the spring if i had the time or the desire to work on another jet ski....

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    true. you are absolutely right. there are 96 xps within 2 hours of me for under $1k that run fine. one in perticular is perfect working (which i will see with a test ride, gonna be a cold one) and clean as hell in the pics. picking it up saturday morning in ocala. $950 on trailer. found it on craigslist. cant wait. i just sold my mint 95 xp 720 3 days ago for $1200. i think i make out ok. there is another one on bradenton for $900 that supposedly is fine and just missing gauges. gonna try my luck in ocala first though.

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