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    650 cylinders VS. 750 cylinders

    Can the cyliners from a 650 easily be resleeved with the SBT 750 sleeves? Do the 650 sleeves have to be bored out to the 750 specs?

    SBT has sleeves all for the same price. Maybe I could put the 780 sleeves in them. I'm looking at buying those nice black 650 cases from PWCdoc

    I'm thinking about rebuilding a 1994 750SL and possibly joining in on these 780 tripple projects.

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    First off, don't buy sleeves. It's cheaper to buy a set of used cylinders in the size you want already.

    Sleeves would mean you have to buy them, bore out the old cyls and press fit the new ones in. More $$$ than buying used ones.

    780s are not the same cylinder as a 650 or 750. They have 2 extra exhaust ports that the others don't. Also the exhaust manifold is different from the 650 and 750.

    So if you want a 780, you need the cyls and exh manifold.

    To do a triple piped 780 will run you a good amount of $$$. For about the same, or maybe cheaper, you can get one of those PRO 785's that are for sale. Just a thought.

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