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    Bilge pump wiring....

    I have the following skis and have decided to add a bilge into both.

    XL1200 Ltd 1999 & GP1200 1999.

    My problem is a am going to install a 500 bilge in each which senses water by turning on for a few seconds every xx mins and staying on if it finds water which is great.

    I want to wire them directly so that it's idiot proof and does not rely on someone to turn it on via a switch. So if possible can anyone tell me which wire to connect the bilge to in the electrics box so it's only live with the lanyard in, thus ensuring the battery does not go flat when it's not been ridden.

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    do a search on bilge pump using the advanced search, beerdart knows how to do it this way and has published details on it here somewhere.

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    I have a switch on mine and have left it on for 2 weeks... no problem, they do not draw much power when not pumping water.... you should put a fuse in line.... i always remember to turn it on in my pre ride inspection... its the off thing i forget

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    Very simple to do.

    12volt relay with the coil wired to negative, and the positive wired to a wire that goes to live once the motor is running... for example the alternator output.

    Put a 1N4004 diode in series between post of battery, and point where feed to relay coil is. This will stop current from the battery energising the relay coil.

    Next put one wire from the battery to the common of the relay, connect from the N/O (normally open) side of the relay to the positive of the pump. Connect the negative of the pump back to the battery.

    As a precaution/over-ride connect a switch that will by-pass the relay contacts for conditions that will not allow the motor to run.

    So, this is how it works...;

    The relay will not have power to energise it until the alternator is running, once it has, it will close the contacts(when motor running), and the pump will draw power through the contacts of the relay.
    The switch is as per description, and will allow power to conduct 'around' the relay contacts, and the pump will run until switched off.

    Problem solved.
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    Thanks guys all sorted now.

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