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    best mild rec cc setup??

    hi im intrested in lightly modding my x.

    at moment its totaly stock but after your thoughts on a better set-up for sea.not after 80mph or anything more better accel and stronger midrange without changing charger etc.

    was thinking af adding
    1.worx grate after reading great feedback on this in rough
    2.a power filter any recomendations??or go custom but needs to be for front of ski. flow exhaust....riva or sumthing?
    4.what prop would work best?is there a good 3 prop works on x-boats?
    5.maybe a pump wedge?and vts extension rod as its in sea.
    6.maybe sponsons but reading stock is good for sea riding?
    7.basic things like water strainer and cath can.

    anything ive missed?and thanks in advance guys.

    edit to say i ride sea and also like cc racing on calm days

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    anyone lol?

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