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    how to change pump oil?

    how do you change the pump oil does anybody have pics of how to do this thanks. 04 rxp

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldierpage View Post
    how do you change the pump oil does anybody have pics of how to do this thanks. 04 rxp
    First off the 04 RXP(or any other 4 tec ski) uses pump grease not oil

    To replace you remove the steering, reverse, and VTS(if applicable) cables from the steering nozzle, then you can remove the venturi and steering steering nozzle as a unit, then remove the pump cone and check/remove the grease

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    The grease comes in a tube from Seadoo. I just picked some up the other day here in VA and it was around $12 per tube. I think one tube would have covered me, but got 2 just in case.

    Don't over-torque the bolts on the cone, either. There is another thread on this, but if memory serves me correctly, it is 66 inch lbs of torque or just under 6 ft lbs of torque.

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