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    Question Need Good Mechanic

    I have a 1998 GP1200. The engine was recently rebuilt by a company in New Mexico for a couple of thousand dollars, but it dropped compression on one cylinder as I was breaking it in. Needless to say, I was hosed on this transaction, but I'm looking to move on and find a mechanic that is trustworthy and will repair the engine correctly and tune the Waverunner. The engine has an R&D head with 42cc domes, the carb was also theoretically rebuilt with new Boysen reeds and Prock intakes. It's also set-up for premix. I simply don't have the time or interest in repairing the ski myself. It's in excellent condition overall; has a new pump assembly, etc. so I hate to scrap it. I live in Southern Indiana, but am willing to transport the ski a reasonable distance to have it repaired. I am simply tired of getting taken to the cleaners and would like to find a good shop or individual mechanic that can get me up and running. I have not been able to find a shop in my area thus far that is comfortable repairing a tuning a modified ski. Can anyone offer me some help? Thanks.

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    your in a bad area for mechanics to fix your ski and a bad time of year to test and tune it in good but pm and ill make some calls. i could do it but im pretty busy. I have a guy that can get you running really good if hes not busy. I trust him with anything i own.

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