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    I just joined the board. I purchased a GP1200R this summer and have enjoyed it completely.
    I'm coming from years of boats and usually winterize them myself.
    I am getting ready to winterize the ski and I am stuck.
    I would like to winterize in the same fashion that I do the boat but I do not see where to fog the motor from??
    Its a 2001 and I figured I'd ask for some insight before I start taking things apart to find it.
    Anyone familiar with this set up and can guide a newby in the right direction of where to find the access point for fogging?
    And another question real quick. I plan to run anti-freeze through and figured I could use my standard 5 gallon gravity feed tank that I use to flush the boats with. Will the ski pull the anti-freeze in from the flush fitting if I put the tank above the ski?
    I know these probably sound silly but I am new and like to do things myself and I like to know how they work.

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    hi munson welcome to the forum use the search funtion,this topix has been discussed many times before,you will find all the information you require there

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    welcome to the forum!

    Please take the tme to familiarize yourself with the forum and its features and many sections. There is also an advanced search feature that works very well.

    Also, take the time to download a Yamaha service manual for your ski, or look in my signature and download one.

    example, in the search function type in [GP1200R winterize]

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