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    speedster 150 and ski trailer

    i want to get a ski but want to put it on 1 trailer with my boat any ideas on where to get something like this

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    so you want to put a boat on a trailer with a pwc? how big is this boat? and do you know how big the pwc is? also what is the size of the trailer? and is the trailer a single or a double?

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    my boat is a speedster 150 15foot and i want to get a rxp and put them on one trailer

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    wow.. this might be a realy big trailer

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    do you want them side by side or in a line?
    do you want to get a 2 seater or a 3 seater ski?

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    in a line. maybe the ski could be in front or behind the boat facing left to right not front to back

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    that could work but it may be difficult to load the ski on this kind of trailer.
    i would have it on the back..this way you dont need to drive the trailer as far into the water so you can put your ski on it.

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