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    Problem with new RXP-X. Help!

    Hey guys its my first time posting on this forum as I've just joined the Seadoo club. I recently purchased an RXP-X and an RXT-X and ive done about 7 hours on them at the moment. The first time in the water, I could really feel the difference in acceleration or should i say hole shot between the RXP-X and RXT-X of course the RXP-X being wilder. But then two weeks ago I was caught in really bad sea conditions and capsized it twice. After that incident the RXP-X's throttle response i feel is slower and the RXT-X can easily out sprint the RXP-X. Ive checked the engine bay, spark plugs and whether anythings (eg rubbish) stuck in the impeller but all is fine. So could you experienced members give me a few pointers as it is quite annoying to have it underpowered as it was running great and alot more acceleration when I first took it out. Thanks so much for your help.

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    You might want to check the engine oil to see if you ingested any water. If you did, the oil will look real milky. Also, if the intake side of the engine ingested water and you tried to start it with water in the engine, you may have bent one or more of the rods. Do a compression check and let us know what the psi readings are on each cylinder... Ron

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    As Ron stated... check your oil... if it looks ok, replace your plugs and try it out

    Welcome aboard!!!

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    Thanks guys for your quick response. Will check and keep you guys updated.

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