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    Antifreeze change intervals

    my Sea Doos are up north (near Chicago) so they get winterized each year.

    Step #1 on the winterizing/storing service bulletin indicates antifreeze needs to be replaced each year.

    one machine is a 2006 and the other is a 2007. both have original antifreeze in them from the factory.

    On average how long before cooling system needs to be flushed and coolant changed in these machines

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    Isn't it every 200 hours?

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    200 hours it is. Look at the Maintenance Chart in the back of your Operators Guide. If you don;t have one, download it from Center/Operators Guide... Ron

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    screw the coolant, your avatar is cool as.

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    Welcome to Greenhulk Fulltilt!!!

    It says 200 hours BUT it may take some members 3,4,5 or even 6 years to put on 200 hours..Me personally i would go 2 years and change it out..

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