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    polaris freedom sounds line a vacuum cleaner

    I've got a freedom that is making a high pitched whine when running
    in the water. Can't really hear it when running out of the water, but
    at wot it is a very pronounced vacuum cleaner sound.

    I have pulled out the drive shaft and removed the bearing.
    The shaft is slightly grooved and I've ordered a replacement bearing.

    How does one check the alignment of the drive shaft? Is a tool really


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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Here are the Polaris Service Manuals.

    Since you have pulled the jet pump, check that the impeller stator bearings are smooth running when you spin the impeller by hand. It should not make any noises, just a smooth turn, with a little bit of friction from the rubber grease seals.

    Also look for any signs that the impeller is rubbing against the jet pump interior. Normally the impeller does not touch the jet pump 'wear ring', typical blade to wall clearance is .008" to .020" max.

    Regarding jet pump to engine alignment, have a look at the splines on both ends of the drive shaft, and the matching splines inside the impeller and engine coupler. If all the splines look good, then the alignment is probably OK.

    If you need to check or correct the alignment, you really need the alignment tool. User beerdart on here rents a kit that includes the alignment tool for Polaris jet pumps.

    Be sure to use a good quality water proof Lithium or synthetic bearing grease when you install the replacement through-hull bearing. Make sure the groove worn into the drive shaft does not affect or touch the seal lips. You may need to adjust the length of the rubber 'hose' that holds the through-hull bearing in place, to ensure the seals run on a smooth section of the shaft.

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