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    difference between plugs

    What's the difference? Br8es or br8es-11?

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    About Spark Plugs – Unlike most other pwcs, the GPR/XL has very high output ignition capable of firing a spark across a .044” plug gap. This larger plug gap is a big asset to the performance of this engine. The spark plugs used in the GPR/XL are a NGK BR8ES-11. These plugs are the same as the more common BR8ES in every way … but one. These “11” series plugs have a ground electrode with a different radius bend that allows for an accurate .044” gap. If you try to gap a conventional BR8ES to .044”, the ground post will be bent in a way that does not allow for consistent firing. If you have a GPR/XL, use the “11” series plugs gapped to .044”.

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