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    My GK BB is still flyin

    Most of you may not remember me, but I joined this board when it first started after years of being a Riva forum regular. I have been working out of the country for the last 2 1/2 years in Korea and Singapore and only get about 2 weeks every 4 months or so to come home. I have a 2002 GPR with the Group K big bore, j-plate, advent CDI, and VFIII reeds. Last April I finally solved my pump shoe gremlin and was able to take the ski out to the lake twice. My first trip I was able to get a best speed of 74.6 mph, but the speeds were much more consistent and the ski ran great. My second trip I went with my firend who has ridden jetskis for the past 14 years. He had just purchased a very nice Four Winns 19 footer and we spent most of the day enjoying that. We GPS'd his Four Winns at around 54mph. Usually I am the only one who can get speeds of over 71mph on my ski, but not anymore. My friend got on my ski with my GPS and posted a 73.5mph and told me "this ski is incredibly fast". This was when I finally told myself that my mission was accomplished. The water had about a 2-3 inch ripple and another 1 mph could have been had easily with smooth water no matter who is riding it. The ski sat in my garage for over 4 months before I had a chance to come home and ride it again. This time it was in the cooler air of September and I posted 75.5mph both times I got a chance to take it out. I posted speeds between 74 and 75.5 all day long. I am so happy with my ski now.
    I am spinning a Riva SB Solas 14/21 @ 7200 rpms.
    Now I am in Shanghai China and will be here for another year and a half and reading these posts is making me miss my ski.

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    RICH! whats going on..... you HAVE been away a long time.Glad to see the ski is still running good.

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    Talking Hey Rich!

    Hi Rich!! Good to hear from you! I am glad you are still enjoying your GPR, altho maybe not as often as you would like ... what are you doing overseas?

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    Great to see you post again.

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    Hello Rich, Glad to see you back on the forum.

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    See you in 2010. Send me some of those house servent ladies!

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