LATEST: K38 UK Training Course

Held in September K38 UK ran a Rescue Boat Operator course at our home base of Hayle Cornwall. With 6 students there is always a need to remain focused on what we are trying to achieve but fortunately one of the students was a good friend of ours Al Mennie. Al and his tow partner Andrew Cotty trained with us a couple of years ago and since then continue to challenge some of europes most challenging waves using the 'K38 Way' of operating a PWC. Its very rewarding seeing a student after 2 years of using the K38 operating techniques confidently operate a PW with control and technical ability.

So joining us was Paul Banks AKA 'Occy' or the 'Angry Ewok' from Era Adventures a company K38 UK is working with more and more when providing event safety cover. Along with two representatives from Hayle Harbour who utilize a PWC for patrol (one of the few if not the only Harbour in the UK to do so). Finally, two personnel from Merseyside Fire and Rescue. The Marine Unit has two Yamaha FX HO for rescue and joined K38 UK to review the course as a training platform for the rest of the unit. The structure of the course was a day on in the class room followed by a day and night on the water and the final day looking at surf handling and rescue techniques.

K38 UK has been asked to present a lecture along with a demonstration of the how effective PWC's are in water rescue in January 2009 at Merseyside Fire and Rescue Training Workshop