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    Ultra 150 and the Shredmaster

    Hi Guys...

    Just picked up a shredmaster for my Ultra 150 and it handles MUCH better. I can take SHARP turns and feel confident i'm not going to die. lol

    I do have a question about the ski, and if this is due to the shredmaster install or the "jet drive" in general i don't here goes..

    When the ski was stock and left the water (wake, wave, anything) i would get a loss of power, (obviously because no water was going through the jet) then when it got back down onto flat water, power would return (because now water is flowing through. When this happened when stock, it would make the typical whine that a ski makes.

    I put on the shredmaster, and when the above happens, it seems I REALLY get a loss of power when the ski leaves the water..more noticable than before, and i don't get the "whine" from the engine, I get more of a high pitched "scream". Don't know how to explain it.

    Machine runs strong, so there's no issues with the engine...any thoughts?

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    I haven't ridden with a Shredmaster, so I can't answer your question about engine noise.

    However, I do a lot of jumping, etc. I've been reluctant to buy the Shred' because I'm afraid it would adversely affect it's jumping ability. What have you experienced?

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    that whine sounds like your pump bearings are going bad....mine sounded like my ski had a supercharger when it was water in the pump bearings...

    As for the shred affecting jumping ability, it does....i've cut 1/4 in off the trim cable so i now have more up trim which makes her jump if needed

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    I just had my pump professionally rebuilt, and to think of it, yes this has been happening ever since it was rebuilt. Could it be the bearings seating, or water inside. It does sound like a supercharger...the whine/scream sound

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    Might want to check them out. All you have to do is pull the pump and then remove the pump cone. Just watch out when you remove the pump cone, sometimes they can be under alittle pressure and will shoot off, its not much, but its worth to keep the pump pointed away from your face.

    Might just be the sound of different type of bearings, but worth a look.

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    Ups is delivering my plate today!

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    Good deal man, it will never be the same

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    Your talking about being hooked and unhooked. When your unhooked get off the throttle. When you jump - the second you get air get off throttle.
    Check wear ring also.

    I think this sounds normal. Most skis will whine when unhooked while getting gas.

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    Sucking Air

    Gregg, it sounds like your sucking air!! This is typical with certain water conditions.. A scoop grate will help solve the problem.. I like the R&D best!!

    PS your Hardware will be coming with your Triple Pisser Kit!

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